IoT and Big Data

a) Smart Agriculture and Farming

From controlling micro-climate conditions for green houses to location and identification of farm animals in grazing in open pastures, smart agrifood is not at all from a science fiction movie anymore, it is here and now. We have seen fully automated farms in Holland with tractors with no drivers. We have agrifood automation utilized by many growers in Turkey. We can help you save money and energy and get more produced at the same time.

b) eHealth

The increasing digitization of healthcare data means that organizations form massive amounts worth of patient records. At the moment, much of that unstructured data sits unused, having been retained largely (if not solely) for regulatory purposes. Much can be done with that data.
Moreover, from home care to hospital use, we are finding more and more devices helping patients and doctors stay connected and get better results.
Prizma has a good grasp of how to make that data useful for you and how to introduce IoT to your health systems. We can help you know more about individual patients as well as large groups of them and knowing how to use that information to provide better, more efficient and less expensive care.

c) IoT and Sensor Networks
Regardless of who you talk to, everybody agrees that the IoT will be the next big “thing”. The excitement for IoT is supported by:

  • ever shrinking hardware
  • ubiquitous connectivity
  • rich IoT application platforms
  • an increasing number of IoT use cases and industry applications
  • the economic value that big data hold

Prizma has made IoT, and in many instnances analyzing the data generated by its use, a top research priority and gained valuable insight over the years. Let us show you what we can do for you.

d) Data Analytics

Prizma’s big data analytics solutions can create a world of new opportunities for your business. How? By making big data analytics so simple that anyone can use it to gain insights. And we do it faster than any other solution on the market. Big data can mean significant increase in operational efficiencies, bring higher revenue, lower costs, and more.